TreeView: text formatting and images of nodes.


  • Anyone out there today? I need some help with my treeview.


    First problem:

    cant figure out how to format my text in a node.


    I want do display childnodes with a name and some information. But I cant format the information so that the info of each childnode starts at the same place: Ex:



           ChildnodePete                     informationPete

           Childnode1                     information1

           ChildnodeABCDEF                      informationABCDEF


    Is this possible to solve? The childnode name and information is the same string.


    Second problem:

    I want an image next to my nodes, but not my childnodes. But this seems impossible. Anyone have a solution to this?


    Third problem:

    I want my childnodes to be checkable but node the parent nodes. Is there a way to turn of the show checklistbox for the parent nodes and still leave it on for the childnodes???


    Many thanks in advance.





    Wednesday, July 18, 2007 6:29 AM


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