Access MTM Test Configuration Variable during test


  • If i have the following Test Configuration and variables

    Test Configuration - Setup in MTM


    Then for a given test I assign multiple configurations.

    How during an automated test (CodedUI or other type) do i access these variables?  So in this case the configuration variables could drive which browser I am creating. 

    I have tried access the BrowserWindow.CurrentBrowser but that seems to be tied to the Environmental variable (CodedUITestCurrentBrowser) and doesn't change based on the configuration selected during a testrun.

    Any suggestions?

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  • Hi,

    The configuration variables are mostly for reporting and tracking test effort, in other words they are not supposed to be used in our custom code. 


    The test configuration is used for creating as many test results for the test cases.

    Eg. If you are creating a test plan and you decide that the test plan has to be executed across 3 different configurations. Configurations can be anything depending upon your product - It may be Operating system or Browser or .NET version or different version of your product itself.

    Now to track the test plan across the configurations, you can assign the test configurations to the test cases and you can execute the appropriate test point (test case associated with test configuration) and mark the result. Later, you can track the progress based on the configuration.


    I'm referring to:

    Hope your question is clear soon.

    Best Regards,

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