Visual Studio 2005 Express to Standard


  • Hi All,

    I have limit knowledge about SQL. Maybe somebody can help.
    I have a client running SQL 2005 Std with VS 2005 Express on their webserver. We need to upgrade\change the VS 2005 express to 2005 standard. Need some info on how to do this and if there are any danger in this towards the clients databases and webserver setup.

    The reason for this is to use the maintenance plan that comes with the VS standard to backup his SQL databases. I was going to use dpm 2010, but cannot see any of the databases when trying to create a protection group due to spaces in all the databse names. Hopefully I will not have the same issue with VS standard maintenance plan (not sure if it uses SQL vss writer).


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  • Hi Dirk, if you are uncomfortable with removing VS 2005 Express and worrying if there may be any after effects or danger, then you don't need to remove it.

    You can install VS 2005 Standard and still maintain VS 2005 Express installed on the system.

    Both of the VS 2005 Express and VS 2005 Standard editions can exist and be run side by side together. Hope this helps clear some doubts.

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  • I have found an easier way to achieve my goal to backup SQL Express with a scheduled backup plan.

    SQLBqckupAndFTP is very simple to use, works great and offers alot more.

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