Non WPF Property grid within rehosted WF designer


  • Hi, Another rehosted designer question!

    Ok so quite simply I am in a position where i cannot use WPF as the main medium to rehost my WF designer.

    I appreciate that the main component ie. the design surface is a WPF component and i cannot get away from that subsequently I am using a WPF Element host within a win forms user control. My question is whether or not i have any other option other than replicating this with the Property View. Ie. rather than using the WPF WF property grid using a native win forms.




    sexta-feira, 9 de março de 2012 19:34


  • I wouldn't like to advise implementing a custom property grid to edit workflow designer workflows just because it's a lot of work, even though it's theoretically possible. One major factor is there are a lot of built in property editors which you would need to replicate. If you really want to try you would need to listen to a lot of events coming from the workflow designer, such as selection changed, traverse the model tree, cause and listen to model property changes, and so on.

    Wrapping Property View in WinForms, or wrapping a combo of designer view and property view, are probably much easier options to prototype.


    quarta-feira, 14 de março de 2012 05:40

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