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    I am working on a project with a life science industry where they have all dev projects follow the waterfall methodology and recently interested in implementing it with TFS. They would like to integrate concept of a user story in the cmmi, is it sufficient just to export  the "user story" item from an agile project to their projects or should we import other things.

    2012년 3월 19일 월요일 오후 6:39


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  • Hi Eliassal, 

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    If you want to use User Story work item in existing CMMI team project, you can execute the witadmin importwitd /collection:url /p:teamprojectname /f:filename command line to import the UserStory.xml file to existed CMMI team project. But there’s no the default User Story work item reports in CMMI team project.

    To implementing your project with TFS, and thy would like to integrate concept of user story, you can try to use the Agile team project.

    For more information about witadmin command lines, please refer to:  

    John Qiao [MSFT]
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    2012년 3월 20일 화요일 오전 3:25
  • Which version of TFS are they on?

    I would recommend to get an Agile TFS project set up and start them on the path of using Agile. By introducing the User Story work item into the CMMI TFS Project you may find problems (or at least some headaches) upgrading to a newer version of TFS later on.


    2012년 3월 25일 일요일 오전 12:54
  • Thanks for the feedback. I would have been more than happy to do this. The problem they are absolutly not agile for the timle being and they really follow the waterfall method. The only thing is the use the wording "user story" to decribe their scenarios. That is why I am thinking of recommending either renaming the Req item of type scenario to user story or import the US item, this was the reason behind this thread

    2012년 3월 25일 일요일 오후 8:28
  • Hi Eliassal, 

    Thanks for your reply.

    If they only want to use the wording “user story” to describe their scenario, they can create their custom work item types in CMMI team project directly. 

    John Qiao [MSFT]
    MSDN Community Support | Feedback to us

    2012년 3월 26일 월요일 오전 9:31