TEE Eclipse Plug-in requires license key every time Eclipse starts


  • Has anyone encountered this issue: Eclipse (Helios) requests the TEE license key on every start up?

    Once the key is entered, everything seems to work correctly.




    29 September 2011 13:34


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  • Are you still having an issue with the license key?  If so, could you provide more information?


    14 Oktober 2011 14:25
  • I too am experiencing this issue.  On startup of Eclipse (Helios) the License Agreement dialog is displayed.  Once you agree to the terms and hit next you are prompted for the license key.  Once the license key is entered you can proceed and use TFS as-normal.  However, if Eclipse is re-started the same process repeats itself.  Any thoughts?

    19 Oktober 2011 15:35
  • Which version of TEE are you using and which platform are you running on?


    03 Nopember 2011 19:47
  • I'm running  Eclipse Helios with Microsoft Visual Studio Team Foundation Server plug-in for Eclipse on Windows 7 Enterprise 64-bit (Version 6.1 (Build 7600)).

    21 Nopember 2011 16:47
  • I have the same issue : Eclipse v 3.5.2
    23 Nopember 2011 2:48
  • Have you tried upgrading to TEE 2010 SP1?  Does the issue with the license key persist with that version?
    29 Nopember 2011 14:44
  • I have upgraded to SP1 in hopes of resolving this issue, yet it persists.

    I had a theory that it was related to a weekly scheduled script that clears the contents of my temp folder (something my team does because of the sheer volume of temp files created by our Eclipse projects).  However, running this script deliberately, and reopening Eclipse does not reproduce the issue.

    Still, if I knew whether the the license key was stored as a temp file, that would really confirm or invalidate that theory.

    My Eclipse version is Indigo 3.7.1

    Help would be appreciated.



    27 Januari 2012 20:34
  • The license key is not a temp file - it is stored in the users local profile.

    What operating system version is this on?



    28 Januari 2012 22:10
  • Windows 7 SP1
    30 Januari 2012 13:52
  • Unfortunately, we were unable to reproduce this issue, however the latest version of Team Explorer Everywhere 2010 is available now and we no longer charge separately for it.  Thus it does not require a product key.  For more information see the following blog post from Brian Harry:

    You can download the latest version from here:

    Once installed, you should no longer need to provide a product key.

    03 April 2012 14:11
  • If you are still having the issue, I do not know about Helios but Galileo does not exhibit that behavior for me.  Using Galileo (v3.5.2) w/TEE 2010 SP1.  Might give that a try and see if it helps.
    13 Agustus 2012 16:56