Using the TFS Build Custom Activity "DownloadFiles"


  • I am attempting to use the DownloadFiles activity in a TFS Build Template (created in VS2010) to download a set of labelled files from version control to my sources directory. I have added to the build template using the workflow designer and set the ServerPath property to the version control path I want to download files from and the LocalPath property to my destination. The ServerPath is set to "$/Sirius_Build_PoC/Sirius-P1.53_LIByPhone/*.*" and the LocalPath to the value of SourcesDirectory, which in this case is "C:\Builds\1\Sirius_Build_PoC\SiriusPatchDeploy\Sources". When the activity executes I get the error message "TF10122: The path 'C:\Builds\1\Sirius_Build_PoC\SiriusPatchDeploy\Sources\$\Sirius_Build_PoC\Sirius-P1.53_LIByPhone\application\Rrp.BusinessEntity\View\HoldingServices\HoldingView.xml' contains a '$' at the beginning of a path component. Remove the '$' and try again.". But if I remove the "$/" from the ServerPath, I get the error: "TF10125: The path 'Sirius_Build_PoC\Sirius-P1.53_LIByPhone\*.*' must start with $/". How can I get this activity to work? This activity doesn't appear to be documented anywhere in MSDN.
    15. července 2010 10:33

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  • Hi Dan,

    Though $ is not supported in WF XAML, you can pass the left  Sirius_Build_PoC\Sirius-P1.53_LIByPhone\*.* to the activity, and in you own code, add $/ before this argument.

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    16. července 2010 3:26
  • Thanks, Ruiz, but I don't understand the reference to "own code" - the activity I am trying to use is the "DownloadFiles" activity which comes "out of the box" and is listed in the "Team Foundation Build Activities" group in the Toolbox
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  • The way I handled this was to create 2 variables for the sequence and just reference those variables in the workflow.

    varInput = "$/Sirius_Build_PoC/Sirius-P1.53_LIByPhone/*.*"
    varOutput = "C:\Builds\1\Sirius_Build_PoC\SiriusPatchDeploy\Sources"

    You might also want to look at the *.* at the end of the input. I did not use that and everything copied just fine.

    22. července 2010 18:55
  • Hi

    Im getting the same error even after using the variables. I get an error and a warning as part of the DownloadFiles activity


    TF10122: The path 'C:\Builds\$\GLSExternalReferences\Main' contains a '$' at the beginning of a path component. Remove the '$' and try again.


    TF270003: Failed to copy. Ensure the source directory $/GLSExternalReferences/ exists and that you have the appropriate permissions

    The account that runs the build has permission to access file from the version contol.

    Any ideas?



    10. listopadu 2010 6:55
  • hi,

        I am facing the similar issue. 

        snippet of Error: contains a '$' at the beginning of a path component. Remove the '$' and try again.

        I tried to remove and try, but it is giving error as

                    TF10125: The path 'MySource/*.*' must start with $/

       Any pointers are appreciated.   I dont see any help for the Activities though.



    Solution: Looks like i am able to resolve the issue by assigning the Recursion set as OnLevel or Full


    7. prosince 2010 23:01
  • I'm in the same boat as just about everyone else here. I cannot get the DownloadFiles workflow activity to work by pulling down everything in a folder in a workflow utilized by a Build Definition in Team Build 2010. The files are all checked in to Source Control, and I can pull files individually with the DownloadFile workflow activity or the DownloadFiles activity, but when it comes to pulling down everything in a folder, the DownloadFiles workflow activity fails. Using the DownloadFile is not a valid solution for more than a few files, and is a nightmare to maintain if the files change name or get deleted/added on a regular basis.

    Also, it does not appear that this has been addressed in TFS 2010 SP1 Beta. 

    12. ledna 2011 22:04
  • what's the solution to this?? What has everyone else been doing with dlls that cannot be added as references to the project? Since they are win32 dlls I cannot add them as references so therefore they do not get built and copied to the BinariesDirectory. My only solution is to use the DownloadFiles activity but I am also getting the same error as above. So either nobody ever writes programs in .net that requires this or people are doing it another way.

     Assigning the Recursion set as OnLevel or Full does not seem to solve the issue for me.

    29. března 2011 18:16
  • I've faced the same trouble described here. Finally I got this working after several trials and errors.

    The Files I wanted to get were at "$/MySharedStuff/DeploymentTools"

    And Wanted to get them to a Local Path generated dynamically as "C:\Builds\1\MyProject\DummySolution\Sources\DummySolution\Deploy\"

    The configuration that worked was:


    DeletionId = 0
    LocalPath = C:\Builds\1\MyProject\DummySolution\Sources\DummySolution\Deploy\
    Recursion = Full
    ServerPath = $/MySharedStuff/DeploymentTools
    Version = T

    Note the server path not ending in forward slash!


    Having server path as




    Caused the TF10122 error.

    Hope this helps. Best regards

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    6. dubna 2011 19:38
  • Thanks much Diego, that worked for me!!!!
    22. července 2011 12:53
  • Diego, you made my day - thanks!
    3. dubna 2012 12:54
  • still not sure what do you mean by Version = T ?

    20. dubna 2012 10:27
  • T is a kind of Versionspec

    when you use T the versionspec is LatestVersion, C to Changeset, D to Date, L to label and W to workspace version

    6. srpna 2012 12:02
  • thank you Diego; it worked also for me.


    28. února 2013 9:04
  • Worked for me. Thank you
    5. listopadu 2013 14:50