SSRS Pie Chart - Disable Automatic Sizing of Pie Chart


  • Hi,

    I am developing a Report in SSRS in which we have to show 2 Pie Charts next to each other. One pie chart has got 5 data points and other pie chart got 3 data point. The data points on both pie chart is dynamic.

    Now for some reason the size of Pie chart get adjusted automatically based on the content and because of which both pie chart looks different in Size after it gets render.

    Any idea on how to stop SSRS changing the size of pie chart based on the data points?



    2010年6月30日 16:13



  • Hi Prateek,

    Could you use the figures to illustrate your requirement? If it is clear, there will be someone help you.


    2010年7月2日 5:27
  • Hi,

    I think I got it resloved to an extent. Thanks for you help anyways.

    2010年7月2日 8:23
  • Would you mind posting how you resolved your problem for those who are stumbling accross this post because they have a similar issue?

    Thanks in advance.


    2011年8月18日 8:10
  • I would also love to know how you solved this as I am experiencing the same issue.  Thanks

    2012年3月13日 15:52