Aligning two entities in MDS


  • Hi,

    I need to align the data present in two different SQL Server tables. I think to create two different entities in the same model, fe Customers_1 and Customers_2. I need to create a 3rd table has the unique version of truth, merging the source tables (or entities) following some rules.

    How can I solve/manage this issue with MDS (2008 R2 or 2012)?


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  • Create -

    Entity1 as table1

    Entity2 as table2

    Add Entity 3 which contain domain attributes linking the coloumns of entity1 and entity2

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  • Hi Anup, thanks for your reply.

    I haven't understand how you merge Entity1 and Entity2 to obtain Entity3. The join between entities (tables) should be at row level and not at column level, isn't it?


    28 กุมภาพันธ์ 2555 9:42
  • I am not sure if I understand ur question well but my approach is to

    Entity1                                                                      Entity2

    Code        Employee                                           code             ID

    1             Mic                                                       1               10577

    Then Let say I create an entity    -


    Code    Employee (Domain attribute parent is Entity1-EMployee)     ID (Domain attribute parent is entity2-ID)

    -----     --------------------------------------------------------------       ---------------------------------------------

    1                                        MIC                                                        10577

    This is what we get from MDM side. I am sure if its as per your requirement.

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  • Hi Anup, in your example to put Employee and ID as columns for Entity3. This is a mistake. Entity3 should be the merge or the union of Entity1 and Entity2. I need to have Entity3 because inside MDS I cannot matching directly two entities in order to align data between them, so I need to create a merged entity.


    29 กุมภาพันธ์ 2555 10:18