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  • I have several servers all over US. Our apps utilizes certificate to talk to the DBs.Everything has been working ok.

    This weekend, most of our locations had problems accessing the data.

    After researching we found out that the certificate was not selected under SQL Server Configuration Manager, SQL Server Network Configuration, Protocols for MSSQLSERVER, Certificate Tab... We had to go to each Server and reassign the Certificate again. We had already done this while building the servers. We cant understand why the certificate was not selected.

    I can't find anything on the SQL Server Logs or Windows event log showing the reason for the certificate to get deselected. No Windows update has been applied in Months.

    Has anybody has the same experience? Anybody may explain why this happened?

    The Dude
    martedì 6 marzo 2012 17:33


  • Hi doctordude100,

    It might be some application reset the registry key which contains the thumbprint property of the certificate. Is there antivirus software on these servers? On SQL Server perspective, it is hard to trace this type of change. You may have a look at Windows side if there is any tool which can be used to monitor the value change of registry.

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