Custom Thesaraus module development


  • Hello SQL community,

    Honestly at this point of time, i dont have enough information on why i need custom thesaraus module?

    But  I am sure we need to develop a custom word breaker adn stemmer modules for my applicaton needs.

    Hence I am predicting the need for a custom thesaraus module.

    I found very less information on the net where people are dicussing about custom thesaraus module.

    1.So is it possible to develop a custom thesaraus module for selected language?

    2.Are there predefined interfaces from MS like how it is available for Word breaker and stemmer?

    3.Are there language specific thesaraus dlls in SQL 2008 R2 FTS ? or single thesaraus module handles all the languages based on the language specific xml files?



    02 Maret 2012 5:25