Better idea to display the datetime difference by DAX


  • Hello Friends,


    My customer request to show the "waiting time "as XX "d" XX "h"(eg. 3d4h, which means 3 days and 4 hours). So the calculatioon is straight enough as TODAY-orderDate.  I use the DAX to archieve this by 

    =IF(1.*(TODAY()-FactOrderLine[OrderFulldate])>=1, Round(1.*(TODAY()-FactOrderLine[OrderFulldate]), 0) & "d "& Mod(ROUND(24.*(TODAY()-FactOrderLine[OrderFulldate]),0), 24) & "h",ROUND(24.*(TODAY()-FactOrderLine[OrderFulldate]),0) & "h")

    But I am not sure whether this is the easiest way to do this.

    I doubt so. Any better and easier idea to implement this?


    mardi 10 avril 2012 18:04