Can I cross reference columns in a view back to the base table using data in the system catalogs?


  • I am trying to do some cross referencing of the columns in a view back to the table(s) and column(s) it is built over and I am having some difficulty. Take this example:
    CREATE TABLE [dbo].[PeopleTable](
    	[PersonID] [smallint] IDENTITY(1,1) NOT NULL,
    	[LastName] [varchar](50) NOT NULL,
    	[FirstName] [varchar](50) NOT NULL,
    CREATE VIEW [dbo].[PeopleView] WITH schemabinding AS
      FirstName AS First, 
      LastName AS Last,
      FirstName + ' ' + LastName AS FullName,
     FROM dbo.PeopleTable
    CREATE UNIQUE CLUSTERED INDEX [IX_View_PersonID] ON [dbo].[PeopleView] ([PersonID])
    select * from sys.columns where object_id = object_id('PeopleTable')
    select * from sys.columns where object_id = object_id('PeopleView')
    select * from sys.sql_dependencies where object_id = object_id('PeopleView')
    What I want to do is, using the system catalog tables, determine that column 1 of PeopleView is column 3 of PeopleTable, column 2 of PeopleView is column 2 of PeopleTable, column 3 of PeopleView is computed, and column 4 of PeopleView is column 1 of PeopleTable.

    My ultimate goal is to correlate columns in PeopleView back to foreign key constraints (even though there are no foreign key constraints in this example) on PeopleTable, which should be trivial once I can figure out how to match the columns.

    sys.columns and sys.sql_dependencies give me pieces of the puzzle, but nothing puts the puzzle together. sys.sql_dependencies is the closest, it has the columns the view references, but does not tell which view column references which table column.  If only the column_id were filled in with the column_id from the view, that would complete it for me.

    I've been through all the sys. & INFORMATION_SCHEMA. views and have not found anything usefull. I'm hoping that I don't have to take definition from sys.sql_modules and parse the text to cross reference. Doesn't the database engine need a quick way to link view columns back to the source columns?

    It's almost like I need sys.view_columns or something like that...

    As an interesting side question, shouldn't is_computed in sys.columns for FullName of PeopleView be 1, not 0?
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  • Can anyone assist?

    I think the question is similar to correlating the SELECT list members (simple and complex expressions) back to their origins.

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