Web Test Authoring and Debugging Techniques

Toate mesajele

  • Hi Ed,

    Your link to the 2010 article is broken.  It's pointing to

    The actual link found by manually browsing from your blog is:



    1 aprilie 2010 17:38
  • Fixed it, thanks John!


    Ed Glas [MSFT]
    3 aprilie 2010 13:39
  • Thanks for sharing. really usefull link.

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    12 noiembrie 2010 07:27
  • really helpful write up.

    Thanks a lot Ed.

    Just that, I found your posted code are cut. E.g., I can only see

    [Description("Adds extraction rule for Report Session and binds this to querystri

    In your sample recorder plugin code. All other long lines cut to the same spot as well.

    Strange nobody say anything for so long. Maybe it's only me. Will try a different machine tomorrow.

    Another important question, Ed or anyone,

    How do you debug your Web Test Plugins? Including but not limited to recorder plugin, Custom Validation Rule, and Custom Extraction Rule?

    You play up the recording to certain point, then all of sudden hold up the http traffic and start debugging, viewing returns, and play with the code?


    16 martie 2012 01:32
  • Hello All,

    We are in progress of migrating from Load Runner to VS2010 However we encounterd two issue mentioned below for same I need your thoughts.

    1. How to monitor UNIX servers conuters through VS2010 Load test

    2. How to Call WSDL file to hit the webservices in load test.

    Thanks in Advance,


    23 martie 2012 09:15
  • I think it's best to store the plugins in a class library of their own so they can be used across multiple web test projects without having to copy and paste each time you need them, just reference their bin folder for the latest version.

    For debugging the web test plugins the best way I have found the best way to do this is to go to the solution where the web tests are stored and add an existing project to that solution. I think that just links the class library with the test solution so any changes made to the class library will be updated in any solution referencing it. Once it's part of the solution using Debug mode in the web test and breakpoints in the class code looks to work OK.

    I've only tried this with a Web Test plug-in and a Web Test Request plug-in but I expect the method is the same for any plug-in.

    17 aprilie 2012 08:17
  • .

    20 iulie 2012 07:11
  • Hi maynaveen,

    To test web services you should have a look at

    You can also download from the ALM Rangers on codeplex.

    That should give you more than enough capability to test your web service elements or add them within your web tests. I've used the wcfloadtest myself against SignalR and web services in the past.

    With regard to monitoring Unix machines.]

    SCOM might be the answer if you can talk to one of your operations guys or set it up yourself for your test environment.

    In my experience if you monitor the machines with what will be your operational monitoring solution it helps progress through OAT and fine tune your alerting for performance issues.

    Hope that helps.

    18 octombrie 2012 07:05