Error: -2147467259


  • I wrote the following routine in VBA in order to automate linking tables in Access 2007.  It worked for a while, then I started getting this error. 

    The routine is supposed to redirect a link if one already exists or to create a new link if it does not exist. 

    '' This is VBA from Access 2007
    Sub ReLink_JetTable(strTableName As String, strLinkDb As String, strLinkPath As String)
        Dim conn As ADODB.Connection
        Dim strConn As String
        Dim cat As ADOX.Catalog
        Dim lnkOldTable As ADOX.Table
        Dim lnkNewTable As ADOX.Table
        Dim lstTables As ADOX.Tables
        Dim strDB As String
        On Error GoTo ErrorHandler
        strDB = strLinkPath & "\" & strLinkDb
        Set conn = New ADODB.Connection
        strConn = CurrentProject.BaseConnectionString '     "Provider=Microsoft.Jet.OLEDB.4.0;DataSource=" & CurrentProject.FullName
        ' conn.Open strConn
        Set cat = New ADOX.Catalog
        cat.ActiveConnection = CurrentProject.Connection
        Set lnkNewTable = New ADOX.Table
        ' setup to build link to new table
        With lnkNewTable
            ' Name the new Table and set it's ParentCatalog property to the
            ' open Catalog to allow access to the Properties collection.
            .Name = strTableName
            Set .ParentCatalog = cat
            ' Set the properties to create the link
            .Properties("Jet OLEDB:Create Link") = True
            .Properties("Jet OLEDB:Link Datasource") = strDB
            .Properties("Jet OLEDB:Remote Table Name") = strTableName
        End With
        Set lstTables = cat.Tables
        ' search the Tables collection for the table to be re-linked
        For Each lnkOldTable In lstTables
            ' search by name to see if it already exists as a linked table
            ' Debug.Print lnkOldTable.Name & ": " & lnkOldTable.Type
            If (lnkOldTable.Name = strTableName) Then
                If (lnkOldTable.Type = "LINK") Then
                    cat.Tables.Delete lnkOldTable.Name
                    Exit For
                    Err.Raise 52
                End If
            End If
        cat.Tables.Append lnkNewTable  ' <<<<<< Location of error    
        Set cat = Nothing
        Debug.Print "The current database contains a linked table named " & strTableName
        Exit Sub
        MsgBox Err.Number & ": " & Err.Description
    End Sub



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  • just a hint, the error code indicates that it doesn't know what went wrong. -2147467259 is the default value for a 32-bit integer (which is the type that ErrorNumber uses). since it is using that value, whatever object is kicking the error is not speficing the error number.

    anyway, searching by that error number won't help you find the problem I'm afraid.

    Friday, September 30, 2011 4:40 PM
  • Hi RandGerald,

    How about the problem on your side?  From the error code, it seems that this could be caused by the following two scenarios:

    1. File path not found

    Please refer to this thread:

    2. The file is opened form mutiple instances;EN-US;q307640

    Please check whether your problem belongs to such scenarios.

    And try to debug your routine and see which line cause the error?
    Hope this can give you the hint and just feel free to follow up after you have tried.

    Best Regards,

    Bruce Song [MSFT]
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