Real-time subscription balances, and low balance notifications


  • Two new features have been added to your Microsoft Translator subscription that will assist you in managing your monthly data subscription.

    Real-time subscription balances

    When you visit the My Data page in the Marketplace, you will now be able to view the number of characters remaining in your monthly Microsoft Translator subscription.

    The "Type" column displays the total character limit for each subscription month. The "Status" column displays the number of characters remaining in your current subscription month. It may take up to two minutes for your account to display the number of characters remaining after you call the service.

    Your monthly subscription balance is replenished every month on the calendar date of your subscription start date.

    Low and zero balance notifications

    Notifications will appear in your account when your subscription balance is 15% of your monthly limit and when your balance is completely depleted for the subscription month.

    When each notification appears, you can re-subscribe, starting a new month at that time, or wait until the next monthly renewal of your subscription.

    For additional Marketplace subscription and billing information, click here.

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    Friday, April 20, 2012 10:11 PM