Using USB as serial port,



    I have an application that runs on DELL Axim and uses the serial port (COM1).

    I want my application to run on IPAQ which has only USB port.

    To do that we built an interface card that when we connect it to the IPAQ we see the USB port as COM0 and we can use it as a regular serial port. Everything is working except of one major problem.

    When we disconnect our interface card from the IPAQ the COM0 is not available any more. And if it is done in a middle of an IO operation to the port (Write) than the application hangs in the IOoperation and the only way to recover is to hard reset the IPAQ It happens even if I am in the debugger (Visual C# application).

    Since the user of our devices can disconnect the IPAQ any time it is a major problem.



    Sunday, March 09, 2008 5:16 PM


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