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    There is an inconsistent number for how many connections an app using peerfinder can maintain simultaneously.  So, how many connections can the peerfinder app maintain simultaneously, also how many connections can you maintain using stream socket by itself.  Also, is there any special rules i must adhere to when trying to use mutiple connections.


    ECE_Studio Man

    Sunday, January 26, 2014 5:16 PM


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    At windows 8.1 it is possible for a single app to connect to multiple clients (running the same app) using Wi-Fi Direct.There is  no limitation on how many Wi-Fi Direct connections can be supported by PeerFinder . You can open socket connections from one app to a peer app on multiple computers by tapping each computer.So ,you can use PeerFinder to create and browse peer computers that are running the same app within wireless range.

    At windows 8.0 it is only possible to connect to one client using Wi-Fi Direct.  The only exception is that is if your devices have a NFC sensor this additional connections can be created with "tap and connect".

    You can refer to the link to get more information:

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