MDS 2012 SP1 CU4 - Best practice on migrating Entity data from one environment to another


  • I have around 10 entities in a model. One of the entity is the customer entity which contains approx. 4 million records. Out of these 10 entities I want to migrate the data for only 3 entities from one environment to another. The MDSDeploy command either lets you include data or not. What I need is an option to include data for specific entities within my model. Therefore, I had to manually create these members in the new environment for these 3 entities.

    Has anyone ran into a similar situation? Is there a better way to handle this situation where we don't have to manually create members for specific entities within a model in new environments? 

    Note: I tried to create a package with includedata flag so it includes the members for all the entities. But, I had to kill the process after letting it run for 24+ hours because it still didn't return with a success or a failure. It was probably taking a lot of time because one of entities i.e. Customer entity contains approx. 4 million records. I only tried this option to see if I can uncheck the data for specific entities using package editor after creating it. However, I gave up on that because it just kept running without any feedback or indication of progress.

    Saturday, June 29, 2013 3:09 AM

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  • That option is available with another tool in the folder of MDS install path\Configuration\ named: ModelPackageEditor.exe.

    See this video for a demonstration:

    And perhaps you need to check this fix as well:

    Wednesday, July 31, 2013 12:30 PM
  • I have a similar problem, so we have segregated the entities into models to support Deployment. The trade off here is that you can no longer have Domain attributes across Models, but that worked OK in our case.

    Keep your smaller Entities in the one Model and you can use -includedata. put the larger member set Models in another Model(s) and just deploy the Metadata. Then use the MDS Add in for Excel to bring the data across if under 1M rows or the Staging tables if larger again.



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    Wednesday, July 31, 2013 12:41 PM