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  • We have a need for formatted text output.   We have a report we are required to produce daily for regulatory purposes that is over 8,000 pages. It needs to be formatted TXT out for readability and so that it can be searched using our corporate document management system . We currently use SQL RD however that solution cannot handle that size and the TXT driver for it runs out of memory. We have gone back to PDF to get by but we need to have this in formatted TXT.

    Does anyone know of a product or library i can refer our developement team to for formatted TXT ouput.

    Wednesday, August 21, 2013 10:53 AM


  • Hi Florida_guy,

    It’s true that the reporting services engine will consume alot memory when exporting a report that has a large amount of data to a flat file such CSV. On the SSRS side, you can enhance the maximum memory limitation of the SSRS instance by modifying the WorkingSetMaximum property in the rsreportserver.config file.

    If you have the SSIS environment, as a workaround, you can try John’s suggestion to do this by using SSIS package. The overall steps are as follows:

    1. Create a subscription on the report to generate PDF format report daily, and send the PDF file to a local Windows folder or a shared folder.
    2. Create a SSIS package which read the PDF file from the folder, uses the PDF file as the source file, and use a flat file destination.
    3. To do this, we can create a custom script component which can extract data from PDF files.


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