Long data: Use of SQL_LEN_DATA_AT_EXEC(0) and SQL_DATA_AT_EXEC


  • Hello,

    What is the use of SQL_LEN_DATA_AT_EXEC(0) and what does it mean ?

    I know that when StrLen_or_IndPtr buffer pointer of SQLBindParameter is set to SQL_LEN_DATA_AT_EXEC  or SQL_DATA_AT_EXEC it means that the data for the parameter will be sent with SQLPutData.  Also SQL_LEN_DATA_AT_EXEC(length) is used when sending long data to a data source that needs to know how many bytes of long data will be sent so that it can preallocate space

    But what should be the expected  behavior when we set StrLen_or_IndPtr buffer to:

         1)  SQL_LEN_DATA_AT_EXEC(0)

    or  2)  SQL_DATA_AT_EXEC



    Thursday, August 14, 2014 10:12 AM

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