Problem with the identity of COM+ application


  • Hello,
    I am now facing a very strange issue. 
    One of our product installers registers numerous COM dll's during the installation of the  product. Subsequently, this creates COM+ applications under Administrative tools --> Component Services --> COM+ applications.
    One of  the COM+ applications is created during the install to run under NETWORK SERVICE  account. However, at times , it has been observed that the identity of this COM+ application is set to interactive. I am using a msi based installer. The windows installer log files clearly state that the COM+ application was set to run under NETWORK SERVICE account. 
    We use our own custom code to create this COM+ application. 
    This issue is not reproducible at will. However, it does happen on some environments.
    Either of the two things is happening:
    i)There is a bug in the installer code which is causing this
    ii)There is something outside of install which is causing this.
    I need to root cause this behavior.
    Reason as to what is causing this.
    Upon carrying out some research on the web, i have come across the following two articles:
    These two articles talk about how diagnostic logging can be enabled for COM+ components.
    However, i am not really sure if they will be of use to me , as i need to accurately pin point as to what is changing the identity of  the COM+ component to INTERACTIVE USER.
    The other major disadvantage with this logging is that the .etl files output ,are in a binary format and can only be decoded by contacting Microsoft with the help of so called .tmf files.
    i)What are the other options available to me to diagnose this issue?
    ii)Can i format the .etl files without the help of Microsoft?
    iii)Is there any mechanism in place just like process monitor, which could monitor all the events within COM+?
    Any help would be very much appreciated.
    Kiran Hegde
    Friday, February 03, 2012 4:55 PM

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    Kiran Hegde

    Monday, February 06, 2012 5:01 AM