Custom blog notification system for SP2007


  • Hi there,

    I'm currently working on a social feature for SP and would appreciate any input on this matter.

    What I want to do is build a custom notification system around blogs, here is a short example scenarion:

    - User creates a blog post and wants that other users are notified about this particular post, so he enters their names or SP group name to a "notify" text field.

    - Then the users are notified via a web part, when they enter a welcome page, that new notifications are pending, and they can click on the link to the blog etc.)


    I was thinking about an event handler (activated via feature on web site level) that would, when the "publish" button in the blog is clicked;

    1. Resolve the user names from groups if any.

    2. Write the names with links to the posts to a custom DB table with status notification.

    3. The web part then would iterate throught DB and display the notifications with status "new".


    One of the things that I'm not sure of is how to disable the visited links in the web part and mark them as "visited" in the DB.


    Many thanks for your thoughts!



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  • the LinkButton class has a Click event that you can execute server side code. So in your webpart render your links as that and when the user click have the code update the column in the DB.


    -tom daly
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