Required 9’s


  • I keep seeing reference to "Required 9's" in the documentation for SQL Server 2012 HA, but I can't find the actual list of what these nines are.
    Could someone please be so kind as to give me the list of Required 9's or explain the term?

    Michéle Johl

    7. března 2012 10:33


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  • Hi,

    Required 9s means its a term to represent sql server up time with SQL Server 2012 .99.99999 is the server uptime .

    Every one wants server uptime 99.9999 .we can achive this figure by useing SQL Server 2012 HA(Always On) .

    Thanks&Regards Siva G

    7. března 2012 10:55
  • Siva,

    Thank you so much for the answer.

    That question has been bothering me for some time.



    Michéle Johl

    7. března 2012 11:11
  • This article explains it well http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/High_availability

    David A. Bermingham, MVP, Senior Technical Evangelist, SIOS Technology Corp

    7. března 2012 15:16
  • Thank you David,

    The Percentage calculation table of how the nines work explains it really well. I searched on Wikipedia for "required 9's", but I should have tried High Availability as well.

    Michéle Johl

    7. března 2012 16:01